Ship #5169: Lsr Frigat. Designer: Baddius

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Ship #5169: Lsr Frigat. Designer: Baddius
on: May 26, 2022, 07:39:45 am
This topic is for discussion of ship #5169: Lsr Frigat

Size: 35x25
Designer: Baddius

The Laser Frigate was built and designed by Lazers R Kool, Ltd, a small company that was run and operated by 9-year-old trillionaire Erik Sorenson, who had a small obsession with lasers and also holds the galactic record for "Largest Quarterly Loss" after converting his father's frozen food manufacturer into one that exclusively builds laser weaponry. Naturally, this ship has an enormous amount of laser-based weaponry and is moderately armored. This ship is perfect for anyone who loves lasers.