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Things don't look too good for CW3 recently, but it's still fun to make maps so I'll make a few more
Another really good game getting spanked in the ratings.
One of the primary rules in CW3 is (First) Power, (Second) Everything Else.
Anyone trying to rush this one is going to get their butt kicked quickly.
(I know, I tried to rush the first time.)

Get your CN/Collector spread built, then the Forge and a Reactor.
Keep building Reactors slowly, get a couple of Cannons out front to hold off the Creeper, then start building a whole potfull of Beams, and don't stop on those.
When you're stabilized on handling the Spores, commence your attack on a narrow front.
The End.

MG -
Thanks for the Good Morning Wake Up Call.

PS - Screen grab at 13 seconds.
Good one.
This was one of those games I was just glad to survive and move on.
Got myself a serious butt-kicking.
Farsite Colonies / Custom Map #1781: blookabolb. By: rien
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Author: rien
Size: 75x75
Farsite Colonies / Custom Map #1780: Barage!. By: rien
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Author: rien
Size: 150x20
Farsite Colonies / Custom Map #1779: 25x25. By: rien
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Author: rien
Size: 25x25
the step from medium to easy was insane..... couldn't get past the crimson waves slamming into our bases, so we dropped down to easy.... which..... was a walk in the park.
I just finished the level, took 3 players, 3 tries, and about 2.5 hours to finish (this is to %100 all enemies nullified), so I would say it is definitely a super hard and SUPER long map. And I also loved the custom units. The problem we found (same as the other poster) is the max units thing, it seems to be global max units, but the unit itself is not shared. On another note was the blaster which was great, but you can never actually build any, you just have to us what you start (and be really careful not to let any get destroyed) with because it's a negative number, and only grows deeper into the negatives as the map goes on. If anyone is looking for help as to where to start, we had one player in the lower left (area surrounded by the crazy wall), one player on the bottom right (in the large open area), and one player starting near the massive redon deposit. Redon player eventually got overrun and had to join the lower right player, but those better at the game may be able to hold it better. If the map maker sees this, massive question as to what the weird tower, silo looking things are, you can connect to them but cant click them or anything we couldn't figure out what they do
Thanks for making.