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There is a copious wealth of worlds to explore in the Prospector Zone and Tormented Space [~2000 worlds?], and the RNG has seen fit to make some of them very interesting, such as the hardest maps and impossible maps. I'm not quite good enough for those yet, I think...

So what worlds or systems should I not miss as I begin my selective conquests?

S100_78 is my favorite site thus far on my journey toward the farthest corner of the Prospector Zone. S100_78 is a bit "northwest" of S100_0. It's a neglected system, with only ~125 scores on the non-I worlds, but I thought all of its worlds were fun.

S100_78 a: Igomagarus. A tiny world with a cluster of three totems that are a bit challenging to take early on, and ore deposits that are difficult to hold. There's a good starting place at the top, and the creeper flow isn't too harsh. Igomagarus is a great place to work on intermediate micromanagement without frustration.
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S100_78 b: Kilrekate is a divided world with an Inhibitor and a couple emitters on one side, and a rich, clear area on the other. Guppies are my favorite unit, and this is a fun place to use them.
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S100_78 c: Poipool is a small world with five totems, three accessible ore deposits, and a fair amount of creeper downhill to blast away at, including one strong emitter -- strong for Prospector -- in the middle. It's a fun warm-up mission. Come smash  my first #1 high score to pieces!
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S100_95 was also amusing. For anyone who missed this system, which is right near the starting system...

S100_95 a: Trepatate is pretty brutal for what I've seen so far in Prospector. Though the emitters are all weak, there's a formidable amount of digitalis on this little world, and even a baby spore to keep you worried. It can't hold a candle to Caerinverulus in terms of crushing difficulty, but it's a decent fight, although it's a more bland battle than Igomagarus.
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S100_95 d: Xeninveral is a huge and hilarious Warp Inhibitor/Guppy world. All the emitters landed on the right side of the latitudinal rift, but the Inhibitor is on the left -- and its dais is 5-6 terrain height units lower than the mountains around it! It's a disappointing map for Guppy lovers, but you couldn't ask for a better place to practice ~1 minute victories or creeper tormenting tactics.
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Sorry about the lazy screenshots.
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