Cyxil Remake Idea - Need Outside Opinions

Started by Dark Ambition, April 05, 2019, 08:32:36 PM

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Dark Ambition

If anyone who played my original maps remembers, there were two that took place at the same location, and thus the same map.

I can condense the remastered version into one single map, with two phases. Cyxil P1, and Cyxil P2 take place seconds after each other. It starts off playing as the Legislator, and going through with his forces. After an objective has been achieved, a script will replace the Legislator's fleet with Adalar's, warp new emitters into the playing field, and thus have two maps in one.
I know how to do it, the question is if it is a good idea?

This will certainly extend the time it would take to complete this map. Phase two would start with all ships gone (well, other than Daveth), and the map would still be filled with particulate. Depending on how the game went, the player could have been in a very precarious position and only hanging on by a nail. Then i'd delete all ships, and have them use a different smaller fleet and nothing built all for story purposes. Imagine thinking you're almost done, then suddenly I pull that crap XD

It sounds like a really awesome idea to me, but it could be very frustrating to deal with otherwise. I know I could simply clear all particulate, and give the new emitters a small delay, but that wouldn't make sense in the story.

Right now i'm leaning towards making the 2-phased version, but I want other opinions before I decide anything for certain.