Custom Map #3249: [PAC] Tower of Bashilogh. By: Pumpo

Started by AutoPost, June 15, 2022, 01:30:50 AM

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This topic is for discussion of map #3249: [PAC] Tower of Bashilogh

Author: Pumpo
Size: 128x512


Can this map be beaten in under 10mn?

To win, all enemy units must be removed.
It's possible to snipe the hub early on, but after that there are two areas with AC to clean up (hub zone and bluite zone) and eggs can't hope to clean them fast enough. So I assume you have to rely on each emitter close to that area.
My third attempt hit ~11mn30s, and I wasted quite a few eggs cleaning areas that are probably drowned anyway by the tenth minute. But I had pushed the bluite emitter at ~300, in combination with a few eggs, to try and clean it quickly before realizing the hub zone was pretty much left untouched at that point; in my second attempt, that area had fallen fairly quickly, but the bluite zone was still standing, causing me to lose ~2mn.

I'm not going to try harder, I'm a simple casual, but I am wondering if someone could beat it quickly enough. I saw someone with 6mn and while I don't think it's possible to clean the ACA that fast, under 10mn does sound doable...


That was a very well made map! Lots of fun! I like the destroy everything PAC Maps in general. I like the frog hop thought to it. And from the times, I can tell people skipped some of them. I am a way more casual player but was still able to get some emitters and such going before they back filled with creeper. All in all, very fun map!