Custom Map #2713: Anti-Creep Fortress. By: War-Machine-Gaming

Started by AutoPost, January 01, 2022, 05:14:57 PM

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This topic is for discussion of map #2713: Anti-Creep Fortress

Author: War-Machine-Gaming
Size: 320x200


Thanks for the map.  I enjoyed it.

Please consider significantly raising the creeper cutoff if you choose to make more pac maps.  3.5 is way too low when you are playing as the creeper (and usually too low when playing against it as well).


Overall good map, but I agree about the cutoff limit. I managed to deal with it by spamming units in the backlines to drain creeper from areas that were secure in order to let the emitters closer to the front actually work, but it was a little annoying. Too many map makers leave it at the default 3.5 and yeah, that's far too low for a PAC or a normal map.


Enjoyable and easy map if you don't try to hold territory. Given the size of the map and the default creeper cutoff, I can see where anyone who did try a more standard play-style would have issues.

A note for future PAC maps: if you don't have a specific reason to set the creeper cutoff at a specific value, set it to 0. This disables the creeper cutoff entirely.


thank you for the feedback I will make sure to turn off creeper cutoff on any future maps.
edit: if i change my maps settings and refinalize it and upload will it update the map or just create a new version of it?



Good first map.  I took the flip breeder fields along the edge of the map, then spammed the map with skimmers and blobs while I set up two emitters, one crimson and one field gen to force my way into placed.  If you do tweak this map, be sure to upload a new version and change the title to something like Anti-Creeper Fortress v1.1 - so we can play it again and see how the tweaks performed.

Would love to see the map's resources (minerals) left to specific areas - as in only redon here and only greenar here and only bluite here (and none in the main base).  This way I can try some things like deny the redon field, then spore spam the map.


So with a savefile almost 7 hours long i have to give up this. Most of that time is from creating maybe 5 floods in different locations and letting game run at background at 4x speed. The emitters are very weak and insides of the fortress have tons of snipers sunk in anticreep. You can't attack with creep because the ships explode it away, you can't attack with blobs because snipers kill them and spores wouldn't do a thing to that massive anticreep cube. You can't kill airships because not even 12 emitters make tall enough wave with the force. You can't earn more ERN's over time, you can't stop airships from getting ammo etc etc.. the map is impossible. I have finished majority of PAC maps made by community so far. My last attempt was having an egg spawner right next to the fortress wall on a side with no airship and then while snipers were spamming eggs i'd send in blobs in masses. Not a single one made it inside and first ones would blow up meaningless structures anyway, ones that would be autobuilt back nearly instantly.