Hardest Tormented Space maps

Started by florrat, October 12, 2013, 06:37:36 PM

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Anybody beaten S200_195 Caermeter? I see it has 4 scores on it, but cheating happens so I'm not certain of them. Looks quite tough.


200_198 is doable. See attached.


If I recall correctly (it may not be the map I'm thinking of), S200_198 can be made easier by sacrificing that starting area, and terping a little on the left to make CN space. Just in case anyone else is looking to do it.
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I was actually considering that strategy! :)

Would you go all the way to the left corner? If so, you'd need to flatten it somehow remotely. I wasn't sure how to make that happen fast enough.


I think I built two cannons, two or three mortars, and a terp before moving, but the terp and one cannon had to finish early.
Then I flew the terp over to expand the flat ground enough for a CN, and then a tiny bit of wall while the Cannon guarded.

The CN and other guns picked up what charge I would from the sacrificial Collectors in the start-area.

(With that said, it's still possible that it's a different map with a similar screenshot.)
A narrative is a lightly-marked path to another reality.


S200_144 Dizorcport looks like impossible


This thread was epic back with creeper world 3. Now CW4 is out. So far, it seems trivial, but it would be great to create something similar to this thread but for CW4.

Anyone want to take the lead?


I have compiled a Google Sheets sheet from this and another thread, donating it to the Creeper World 3 community.  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ibhwBDHHQ2eG08r0AOmrF6f2yVRk3RDzWHcIU3KM4EA/edit?usp=sharing

I know CW4 is out, but I just haven't been able to get into it.  So far I'm not a fan of the complexity of the game versus the inability to find any explanation of how anything works in the game.  The explanations so far are pretty abysmal.  I'm convinced that if I give it a few more months to update, the explanations will get better.

So anyway, I'm still having a lot of fun with Creeper World 3's tormented space.  Need to at least get 250 worlds conquered status (only at 125 now).


That's a great spreadsheet, thank you. Its awesome enough that I made an account . I also like CW3 better than 4, I will eventually give it more time.

CW 3 is such an elegant game.


Quote from: slayer on March 05, 2014, 11:04:16 PM
S200_158 Redstrictald
The trick is to figure out your starting position and the be VERY careful about energy usage and build order.

I was the third person to post a time, but I think many could take a run at it.

I posted a time of 1 hour 50 minutes, but I think I can lower that time substantially if I'm a little more patient.

I'll update this post if I can lower my time.



So what is this starting position?



Barwick (S200_92) (7,10) appears to be impossible. You need minimum 3-4 mortars to stay alive on spawn island and I can't see how to produce enough energy AND have enough time to build mortars.

Also is the original post still being updated? I completed Culvasse (S200_198) a while back and would rate it as Very hard. Also tried Bradsometum plenty of times, still seems impossible -_-


Quote from: Papasalt on December 19, 2022, 08:18:56 PMAlso is the original post still being updated? 
The original post was created by user Florrat. Looking at their profile, they were last seen online on  December 11, 2018, 02:31:06 PM. SO it's highly unlikely that they are maintaining the top post.

That is actually one of the biggest problems with forum posts, they belong to a specific user and only that user can update/maintain them.

If you are interested, I can assist you in creating a page on the wiki. That would allow for continued contributions and updates by any number of members.

Reach out if you are so inclined. 


I have tried Faraalveka in S200_93 multiple times, it seems impossible to me, do you have any suggestion?