Hardest Tormented Space maps

Started by florrat, October 12, 2013, 06:37:36 PM

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In this topic I'm planning to make a list of the hardest Tormented Space maps. For anyone who wants a real challenge.

To find the right solar system faster, I'll add coordinates to each entry. Here (0,0) is bottom left, (10,0) is bottom right, (0,10) is top left and (10,10) is top right. So the starting solar system is approx. (2,5).

(I): Inhibitor map
(?): I don't know whether it is an inhibitor map
(-): Note to self that I haven't tried/finished that map yet

S200_0 (2,5): Aliancasterer
S200_2 (2,1): Midmiraiad
S200_54 (2,6): Furnalesyn
S200_132 (2,6): Tillyotay (-)
S200_140 (1,8): Auchconor (-)
S200_103 (1,10): Fuzmozse (?)
S200_29 (5,4): Lostrakus
S200_78 (7,2): Auchcardensar (?)
S200_72 (8,5): Igolurgla (I)
S200_178 (0,5): Hianterros (I)
S200_56 (7,6): Shepmoium (?)
S200_183 (7,7): Langian (I)(-)
S200_158 (0,4): Redstrictald

Very hard:
S200_54 (2,6): Kinloneport (I)
S200_14 (1,7): Tatbor (I)
S200_132 (2,6): Parapewport (I)
S200_54 (2,6): Braydenter
S200_7 (4,7): Kilnaleport (I)
S200_44 (2,9): Midinverlo (I)
S200_153 (2,1): Sieioanu (I)
S200_178 (0,5): Khanxis
S200_107 (4,5): Razdon (I)
S200_79 (1,0): Greeninverok (I)
S200_29 (5,4): Ragworth
S200_138 (1,4): Jupnale (I)
S200_162 (2,8): Shepiso (I)
S200_169 (0,0): Corivela
S200_172 (1,3): Azulev (I)
S200_158 (0,4): Ragcarden
S200_2 (2,0): Fantolet
S200_74 (4,6): Furham
S200_158 (0,4): Penbor
S200_134 (6,5): Sudpir (I)(-)
S200_198 (10,5): Culvasse (I)(-)
S200_157 (4,8): Coalve (I)(-)
S200_180 (3,0): Ioottum (I)

Not yet completed/perhaps impossible: (it is unknown whether the map is possible)
S200_119 (9,2): Madotis (I)(-)
S200_162 (2,8): Molzacdai
S200_153 (2,1): Luumulyr
S200_69 (3,3): Eridon (-)
S200_185 (10,8): Tillyketh (-)

Impossible: (the map is impossible beyond reasonable doubt) (old thread)
S200_101 (3,4): Jovencoting (I)
S200_169 (0,0): Paraisoer (I)
S200_189 (1,7): Keomicanfur
S200_155 (2,8): Landen
S200_13 (1,9): Copdenulus
S200_169 (0,0): Paraisoer
S200_187 (7,3): Abertoft (I)
S200_64 (5,2): Bradsometum (I)

Unsorted: (please post coordinates and difficulty if you have reached the world)
S200_180 (?,?): [the inhibitor world] (I)
S200_195 (?,?): Caermeter
S200_144 (?,?): Dizorcport (?)
S200_92 (7,10): Barwick
S200_93 (?,?): Faraalveka (possible)

If you think that a map should be placed in a different category, let me know. I'm open for suggestions.


S200_2: Midmiraiad was quite hard (I'd say a bit harder than Aliancasterer, I did not try the other 3 you mentioned). No spore/spawner, but emmiter are quite hard and generate lots of digitalis, and the only defensible position is far away, really small and start geting flooded in 2-3mn.

S200_64: Bradsometum is a "inhibitor" map which seem extremely hard. I tried 3-4 times and could not survive more than 3-4mn. (small, no spore, but lots of digitalis and a spawner...). There are 2 ore deposits next to a "defensible" position, but everything gets flooded way to fast. it might be impossible, but for now I'd just put it "too hard for me". To bad it's a choke-point before lots of other system behind it :(

Only complain I'd have in tormented space is that difficulty seems a pretty linear function of size of the map... All huge maps I did were as easy as most maps in prospector space (which I usually do in x3 speed without pausing...), and small maps are either very hard or impossible. I like the fact that some maps are way harder than other, but I wouldn't mind easy small maps or extremely hard huge ones. It seems like the number of creeper structure is nearly constant in the tormented space, but in huge maps they are spread far away and you have looots of place to build whaterver you want (mostly collectors), and you have way more defensible position that last for up to 7-10mn giving you the time to build a huge economy that can destroy the few emitters one by one. Which is even worst for "huge inhibitor maps" were the inhibitor is often placed "alone" and easily accessible (s200_30 has a high score of 3mn33, and I did less than 6mn without even trying). I wouldn't mind that some maps allows you to have huge easily defensible positions, but then the creeper itself must be that much harder to kill, with emitors/spore/spawner much stronger (maybe not too packed, to avoid creating too many PZ), and some huge anti-fly zone. When I see how hard small maps are, huge maps can afford to be waaay harder.


Ah, nice... You went south  :)

I have also noticed that difficulty seems to be inversely proportional to size of the map. Most maps in my first post are also small (Parapewport is medium-sized), and I also found some larger maps that allowed to make a base right next to the Inhibitor, which then could be nullified quickly.

PS: Welcome to the forum!


S200_54 contains two more hard to very hard maps.

S200_54: Furnalesyn

Very hard:
S200_54: Braydenter
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S200_7 Kilnaleport.

I just can't do it, trying this map for many days, many strategies. I suppose it is possible after all, since it got 2 scores (one in 8 Minutes???)  Otherwise I don't have problems with most maps.


Cool. I'm definitely going to try the mentioned maps soon.

@catpaw: the first score is from Finnit, and he has some other suspiciously high score elsewhere as well (for example on the single planet in star system S200_34 (next to S200_7)). So either he is really really good, or he's cheating.


This post will be edited when I find new hard/very hard maps. I'm pleased to see the list at the top already contains maps I haven't been able to beat after successive attempts.

S200_132 (2,6): Tillyotay -- the start is *very* tight. After that, spores. I'm not sure I'd be able to consistently beat this map. (The screenshot shows the stable situation I managed to reach.)
S200_140 (1,8): Auchconor
S200_103 (1,10): Fuzmozse
S200_178 (0,5): Hianterros

Very hard:
S200_44 (2,9): Midinverlo -- this one has me stumped at the moment.
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I am having trouble with Tauonfirth. 



Today I tried Kilnaleport multiple times, and I must say: I'm stuck. If "Guardian" could post some screenshots to demonstrate how he did it (preferably of minutes 3-10), I'd be grateful.

I can survive about 8 minutes without essential losses (only a couple of collectors), but even that took me a LOT of tries. And after that the creeper gets me even with 5 mortars and a shield. :-\


Yes I tried everything I could come up.

* Classical mortar (and 2 turrets) approach.
* Classical mortars and AC
* Bombers
* using TERP to create a retreat in the mountains a north (longest survial so far, but the push is yet too much)
* using TERP to create a high wall around the plattform for better defence
* using TERP to create deeper pools to mortar at.
* Trying to get a berta running to create a massive pushpack (it jsut take too long)

etc. at each and every build, I just cannot muster enough pushback to not being overrunned.

Most of the times I deploy on the south-west corner, that allows me to retreat from the platform that is difficult to defend.

Eventually its the same amount of reactors I can come up with before the push is just too heavy.

Sometimes I think the only option is somehow to get a hold on that totem, so a forge can build up energy efficiency. But I can't hold it long enough even for the forge to complete building.


Quote from: florrat on October 16, 2013, 11:05:09 PM
Quote from: Hairball on October 16, 2013, 10:45:26 PM
I am having trouble with Tauonfirth.  
Which solar system?
S200_85 (2,5). I disagree that it's hard by the standard set.

@Hairball, perhaps you could pause more, pay more attention to your economy (meticulous placement of build orders at the start can save huge chunks of time). If I recall correctly, I did something like this:
Land on the platform, expand to the mountain on the right; after that, aggressively expand to the high ground on the left. Blasters prioritized to digitalis are very helpful here. At this point (~ nullifying the closest emitter), you should have enough space, energy and firing power to be able to finish it off.
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Kinloneport is very hard. Any help would be appreciated (S200_54)


Here are some screenshots of how I did it. The game times are respectively 3:01; 12:53; 19:43. And as always: pause often and save often. But indeed, it is very hard, and I needed multiple tries as well.


Quote from: florrat on October 18, 2013, 02:50:18 PM
Here are some screenshots of how I did it. The game times are respectively 3:01; 12:53; 19:43. And as always: pause often and save often. But indeed, it is very hard, and I needed multiple tries as well.
Interesting to see your approach. I micro'ed, by slightly expanding the landing island (the one you took, too) with a terp, and progressed upward after (re)conquering the bottom-right corner.
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