Suggestions after playing the demo

Started by StyggSmurfen, July 02, 2020, 06:45:10 AM

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First of all thanks for all the great games.
I started playing CW at space at Armor games like 10 years ago, wow time moves fast.

I love the feel of the game  and how the creeper flows, as far as gameplay goes in the demo you are spot on!
I just have some minor suggestions that would make the game even better.

- Reduce the use of mixed fonts
- Reduce the use of mixed font sizes
- Reduce the use of mixed font colors
- Increase the padding in the HUD and make text smaller.
   Make it look more mature and appealing to a broader audience.

- I love the planet screen with the sun, but it would be cool if you could add some perspective to the planets and lines between them, line is thinner the farther away the planet is.

- ESC key quits the game.


Totally agree with all related to the text.

- Remove or undo placement of structures or weapons (placement mistakes can happen)
-  For the planet screen besides the perspective lines maybe a spore orbiting far away. It needs something creepy or menacing there circling around. After all that's how they arrive on the first mission they crashed on the planet.

I  dint expected that planet screen and it was a great welcome for someone who never played a CW game.

Great work!!