CW4 gameplay suggestion

Started by Alastair_Stokell, June 28, 2020, 09:12:38 AM

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I remember the days of playing Command & Conquer and being able to create numbered squads for quick recall and commands. I know there is a new "create squad" feature in CW4 but from watching all dev videos it hasn't really been shown very much.

Would you perhaps consider having a numbering system to group and name the squads? C&C for example was "ctrl + #". # being the number for the new squad. Then simply pressing the squad number selected all the units for orders.

Something seemingly simple that can speed up gameplay. I'm not a game dev so have no idea how something like could be implemented without messing with the soon to be added building shortcut keys as in CW3.


The 1.1 demo already has the building shortcut keys. (F# are the group keys BTW)


I will write up something on the Squad system, as I'm pretty proud of it. I also think it's fairly advance in concept and superior to the old system of numbered squads we used in CW3.

Edit: right now the wiki is in such a mess, I can't even find a good place to write it up. We need to make several structural improvements to the wiki before I can do anything sensible. If, by the time the game is released  and access to the wiki is less restricted, I have not yet written something, please remind me.


Nevermind. Figured it out