CW4 demo feedback - Fedora 32 w/Proton working!

Started by Lord_Farin, June 22, 2020, 09:47:36 AM

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Hi people! It's been some time since I showed my face here, but I'm happy that it is because another awesome game is under development!

I've had the pleasure of playing the demo, and there are some things I'd like to let you know:

  • First and foremost, I am playing on Linux (Fedora 32) using Steam Proton, and it's running absolutely fabulously! Smooth as butter, with no problem whatsoever. My PC is a sturdy 5 years old now, so hopefully it should be working on most machines.
  • When selecting buildings or unfinished units, I'd expected that a left-click on an unoccupied space would cancel the selection.
  • Moreover, definitely I would expect that left-clicking another unit would change the selection to the unit clicked. Now I first have to cancel the selection to continue with the new selection.

In less important aspects, I do appreciate the difficulty arising from not being able to save the game. It makes things a bit more challenging, which can be very nice. That said, with my experiments to start "in the wrong place" with the 7th mission, it's come to bite me on a number of occasions, so a save option would be a highly appreciated for the demo version. (Obviously, breaking save games over iterations of the demo version is totally fine.)

I could imagine a "hardcore" or "gauntlet" mode where things like saving and/or pausing are not allowed (or executing actions while paused). This makes for very different and interesting gameplay requiring different skills. As such it could present fun new challenges at very little development cost.
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