CW4 Feedback

Started by BetaSigmaOmega, June 18, 2020, 02:06:41 AM

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My main complaint about the demo is the lack of the red unplaceable 'ghost' preview buildings when drag-placing towers and pylons. It creates some difficulty when placing rows of either building as many would-be placeable buildings do not get placed if the row gets interrupted, and it makes it harder to determine the maximum connection distance between two pylons. Strangely, the red previews do appear for every other building.

My other complaint is that Snipers' and (especially) Missile Turrets' range rings and bubbles are not visible when trying to place additional copies of those buildings, which makes it harder to see if your coverage is overlapping and where there are holes. I know you can see the range bubbles of placed MTs when you have one selected, however the greyed-out range bubbles become very hard to distinguish when there are many of them. I suggest the range bubbles of placed MTs are simply a darker shade of yellow instead of grey.

I believe those two things are the only issues I had with the demo. The levels were very fun to play and I'm very excited for the full game!