Can you make music as good as particle fleet?

Started by Dushe_h, February 13, 2020, 02:44:30 PM

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I think the Creeper World 4's music is so horrible.
I want the Creeper World 4's music can very exciting like the particle fleet's music :), I think a good game can have a good music. But I don't think can have many time to do it now? :'(
I am from China, my English grammar is not very good, if there have some bad word, please forgive me. And I hope Creeper World 4 will have a good sale.


The music right now in Creeper World 4 is temporary. It will change.
For quicker response, reply to me directly at Grabz#4707 on Discord. Find me on the KC server:


Oh, I thought that now you had set the music ;D, thanks.