Suggestions for development

Started by towel, January 19, 2020, 10:31:12 AM

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I'm super excited to hear about Creeper World 4's developments and I can't wait to play it soon. I have a few suggestions for the game:

1) Set the default of the miners to dispatch bluite instead of energy (perhaps even remove the energy setting)
2) Add the ability to upgrade towers. This increases their energy production, but costs more and more for each upgrade. This would essential be a reactor/current miner setting and would make it possible to work with smaller maps.
3) Add the ability to attach an ERN to a tower or economic building, increasing its efficiency.
4) Set the default for sprayers to always on.
5) Make it impossible to accidentally build over a tree, and add special trees worth extra points.
6) Add a resource collected from trees, which repels creeper somehow. This could explain how the trees survived doomsday in the first place.
7) Add a score penalty for time paused. This takes away the incentive to pause all the time to gain an advantage, making the struggle more "real." You can still pause when things go south, but the more you need to pause, the worse your score gets.
8 ) Perhaps having a free 1 minute buffer to this rule might help in the beginning of the game.
9) It also might be a good idea to add a "hard pause" to the pause option (if you need to pee etc.) that doesn't affect score.
10) Make magenta creeper flow faster so it is more of a threat and doesn't just stay in the middle of the creeper pool. Alternatively, have magenta creeper slowly convert nearby creeper to magenta.
11) Score really should not penalize you for having military. Or increased initial score to from 10k to 15-20k.
12) Creeper on 0 height terrain should automatically move the the closest terrain currently covered with creeper.