New idea: Missile Silo[Titan]

Started by bluebolt, September 28, 2018, 06:57:22 PM

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Titan weapon idea:
Missile silo that is unmovable(image is of a model I threw together, but it is 3x3-smaller than I think it should be)
It acts like a bertha in CW3(so autofire and manual targeting modes). Autofire mode changes based on which missile is being created. Mininuke targets highest creeper, Thumper probably shouldn't have an autofire, and EMP targets a random creeper structure. When fired, missiles go straight up for some time, and then turns towards the target. This way, they are almost guaranteed to hit closer targets, but the further it wants to go, the more terrain may get in the way.   |\

3 missiles, each made with their own different resources(Redon, Liftic, Blueite respectively, perhaps).
Mininuke: Does basic damage(but more than mortar)
Thumper: "Levels" terrain(like CW3's M AoO) and displaces creeper(shockwaves can be useful... like AC ones too... but displacing creeper may be too much of a negative effect than positive)
EMP: Leaves an area that disables enemy units for a short period of time. Only units on the ground are affected.(So spores, skimmers, and airsacs are not affected, but their structures can be)
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interesting. basically a cross map missile with multiple modes. i'm for it.


This sounds cool. What would be the main benefit of having missile silos though?


Quote from: Winebrenner on November 02, 2018, 12:12:31 PM
This sounds cool. What would be the main benefit of having missile silos though?
If I were to guess, it's basically just a way to recreate the Bertha in CW4.

In CW3, the Bertha is a low arcing artillery with map-wide range that targets Creeper anywhere you wish. In CW4, the same capability cannot be achieved through the usage of a low arcing shell, because it will get stopped by mountains, so its range would be limited. An ICBM however, could still hit anywhere.
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