Bomber Formations

Started by Grabz, September 18, 2018, 06:04:25 PM

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First, we select a few bombers, in this case 7 bombers.

The first click - target destination A - is the same as normal. Then, when you're choosing target destination B to set the patrol path, the individual bombers will form a diamond formation based on the angle between A and B, increasing their overall coverage. Setting the flight paths for the 7 bombers separately one-by-one into a diamond shape would be the exact same functionality.

The game could give you the ability to select a formation, or no formations (regular functionality), from the context menu at the center bottom of the screen, when more than 1 bomber is currently selected. Optionally a way to select the distance between the bombers could be provided, in the form of a value slider (depending on whether you want the formation to be more spread out, or more compact).

(Image edited from a K75's stream)
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