Day-Night Cycle + Reactors + Storage Units

Started by Hilol1000, October 24, 2017, 01:15:11 PM

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So we start at morning and then after 15 minutes it becomes night time for 15 minutes. In night time the energy panels give of a tiny bit of energy because of the moon night and when it gets to night time you got to build up a good supply of reactors to get you though the night. Having reactors also opens up the idea of having a map start under the creeper if we added shields. Maybe we can have storage units in the game so we collect solar power in the day and than store it in the storage units for night. What's your feedback on this idea?  :D


There's a whole lot of players trying to do sub-1-minute clears of maps, so I guess they would be scared of 30+ minutes maps ;)

But maybe it's a nice idea for a story mission... "prepare and survive the night" or something. That's all assuming, that solar panels will stay, which wasn't confirmed :)


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