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Started by knucracker, August 18, 2011, 11:35:44 AM

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Get the latest version of the CW2 map editor here:

I will soon be attempting to create some tutorial videos on the map editor.  She's more complex than the CW1 editor, so there will no doubt be some questions about how to use it.  But even before these tutorial videos go live, this forum can used by map authors to help each other out.  I'll update this topic once videos become available....

I will also update this topic as new releases of the map editor are made available.

Jan 3, 2011 : Version 0439
-Allow negative point values for artifacts.
-Handle more cases where "del" deletes a unit but should not (like when editing some value fields).
-Fix the enabled/armed state of artifacts when saved (in editor and game)

October 17, 2011 : Version 0357
-Increase max unit limit from 10 to 99 (when setting any unit limit)
-Minor bug fixes
-Recompile to use AIR 3

September 15, 2011 : Version 0336
-Fix bug where pressing "x" while on Nexus conversation box will delete the nexus.
-Support negative values for emitter density and max density.  This allows for AC emitting emitters.
-Fix problem with little green ring appearing in some thumbnail images.

September 7, 2011 : Version 0327
-Allow configuration of creeper payloads for drones.
-Set default map height to 22.
-Allow fractional drone speed.
-Various small bug fixes.

Aug 24, 2011: Version 0314
-Will now reset field drip limits when reset is selected in the editor and when a map is loaded/saved.
-Starting Resources--Technytes Now properly loaded by the editor.
-Disarming and disabling units now works properly in the editor.
-The editor now prevents editing when T!=0. Prevents field corruption when simulator is reset.

August 19, 2011 : Version 0308
-Red field container box can show up on generated thumbnail.
-Correct Orientation labels for dark beam.  They are backwards.
-Field containers without a name will load up as "null" names.

August 18, 2011 : Version 0307
Initial Release


Map Making Good Practices

The map editor lets you do lots of different things... that doesn't mean that everything should be done all of the time.  I will put here some general guidelines and suggestions to consider when making maps.  Not every map will need to adhere to these guidelines... but every map maker should at least consider these guidelines.

1: Don't make the map any bigger than it really needs to be.  The taller the map, the worse it will perform on slower computers.  Don't make a 80 height map if you don't really need to.  Always think about how you could accomplish the same thing in a smaller map.

2: If your map is close to "one screen" tall (22), try to make it fit in one screen.  A height of 23 can be annoying since the amount you scroll is so tiny.

3: Don't put things on the first two rows (the top of the map) unless you really need to.  Things on those rows are hidden by the menus until you move the mouse over them.

4: Always keep in mind that players won't know all of the information that you know about the map.  They won't initially know about entombed creeper, and they especially won't know how fields will move and when.  Just keep in mind that too much embedded information about a maps mechanics can frustrate.  That said, the right amount can create nice surprises as well as puzzle maps.

5: Custom graphics can make a great looking map or they can make a good map look awful.  Remember that people like to be able to identify the Creeper and AntiCreeper clearly as well as terrain types.  Maps with good, clean colors and graphics that contrast well will be more popular.  Also remember that you don't have to use any custom graphics or colors.


The map editor has been updated to the 0357 version. Some improvements are:
   Make sure unit build limits can be 99 (not limited to 10).
   Rebuilt with AIR 3

A goodnight to all and to all a good night - Goodnight Moon