QBear's Baal

Started by CyberDyneSystems, January 07, 2010, 05:20:50 PM

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So I thought I had this map beat,. a little tricky, but not too bad.
However, when I had everything under control, all Creep wells capped, and plenty of Sams on the perimeter,. I found that one of the Totems seems totally unreachable.

In the lower left hand side there is a totem next to a creep spring on a tiny platform big enough for one construction only.
Trouble is, this platform is above everything else, so you only get a choice of putting a blaster on that platform to quell the Creeper spring, or a collector to activate the totem.

I tried bombarding the creep with my 8 drones in unison to keep the creep off the tiny platofr long enough t build a collector, to no avail.

Is this Map there fore unbeatable?
Is it just a matter of having the patience to keep bombing away until the chance in a million works?
Or am i missing something?

Otherwise, its a great map with an interesting set of challenges, in particular getting the totems beyond to far three creep fountains, and keeping ahead of the fast moving Spore attacks!
It's that I like it so much that I took the time to see what I am missing.



try it again with around 50-60 drones --- should work

or you could do the clever thing, and put the blaster on top of the emitter :P


OMG! Thanks! , and I'm such a tool!
I've been "capping emitters" by parking a gun NEXT to the emitters since the free demo.
It never occurred to me that capping meant, well "capping"

Now i've finished the level finally, and wish I could delete my comment in the maps page  :-[



Don't feel bad..... the first time I saw this trick in a map it took me 20 minutes to figure out I should put a blaster on top of the emitter....  I never thought of this during game development.  It's one of those neat little things that the community discovers through their ingenuity and one of the reasons it is a cool thing to have player created content.


Oh nice , i think many players will learn something from this :)
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