PlaySound /PlaySoundLoop

Started by 321k, February 22, 2021, 04:12:26 AM

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I've a question regarding the 3 commands
PlaySound / PlaySoundAtPosition vs. PlaySoundLoop.

The sounds in are categorized as "Discrete Sounds" and "Looping Sounds". My expectation was that discrete sounds could be played by PlaySound and looping sounds by PlaySoundLoop.

But most of the "looping sounds" don't work with PlaySoundLoop. They work with PlaySound, but there they play infinetly without chance to ever stop them, one has to restore whole map to a previous state (or is there any hint to clean a map from abandoned sounds?)

On the other hand, the only sound I've found working as intended with PlaySoundLoop is "hum4", which is for some reasons not listet in the wiki document. So I think I just don't understand the underlying concept?


Wait, one more question, I found in the the programs runtime memory a sound named "hum4", which is not in the wiki list. Is there a way to get names of all sounds without doing reverse search in game memory?