Map Tags being misused IMHO

Started by CyberDyneSystems, February 16, 2021, 04:02:15 PM

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I am very saddened to see that map tags have so quickly become a misused "thumbs down" for the social media era where it's easier to just click a button than to explain your issue.

Nearly every map in Colonies has tags that were placed there solely to bash the author. I have down voted the tag "vanilla" for more maps than I can count. And that was early on before they started to get more nasty. Totally unique maps to my eyes, tagged with "Vanilla" It's sad and out of place. It appears forum comments are the lowest they have ever been for any Knucklecracaker game thus far. Apparently it is far easier to just post a nasty tag than register and express in words how someone's map could improve.
"Impossible" (when it's not even close)
"laggy" (again, when it's not even close to laggy)
"Broken" (when it's not)

Has it come to the point that custom made tags should just be removed in an update?

"Airship", "Flip Breeder", "Ern Portal",  "No Blobs" these are tags that help a user identify elements of a map. Some jackweed's denigrating insult is not useful.


"Vanilla" is usually a tag that indicates no custom units or scripting (4RPL).


Yes, ive been so annoyed at this. Though it has prompted me to start using the ADA start messages as map descriptors, thare have been cases for me where people have left multiple tags indicating an issue.

One map i got the tags 'dude' 'let us' and 'terraform', as i had turned terraforming off because you could use it to break the map (an existing high piece of terrain needed to be fought for to gain the use of thors).
On another, where all landable surfaces are covered in creepr, but you get 6 obital charges to start and so can make your own landing with conversion, someone left the tag 'unplayable', even though, if it was unplayable i wouldnt have been able to upload it.

I brought the issue up before, but i think all we need is a popup text warning before posting that users shouldnt post comments on tags and instead use the very handy link to the map discussion instead.


So a few months later, and now many/most maps tags are no longer allowed.  Is it just me that can't add a tag anymore? Issue with Steam ?

Or did this get changed?
This is sad because tags like "THOR" (or AIRSHIP) "ERN" etc. are very useful, but most map authors don't add them.
Was the ability to add tags removed due to the fact that some members were using them to badmouth the maps, as advocated by a moderator above?
Or was it always possible for the map author to turn tags off?


Quote from: CyberDyneSystems on April 16, 2021, 06:04:59 PM
Or did this get changed?

This is sad because tags like "THOR" (or AIRSHIP) "ERN" etc. are very useful, but most map authors don't add them.

At least two players need to submit the tag before it gets visible in tag list, not sure if lower/uppercase matters though.