Possible to zoom without levelling the horizon?

Started by Whitling2k, October 23, 2020, 07:28:14 AM

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Is it possible to zoom with the mouse wheel, or keyboard modifier, so that when I zoom in, the camera doesn't level off? 

More like the controls in Google Earth for example.


There are top-down and "free camera" modes which will do that, if they're of any use to you.
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The freeview sort of works. 

It's a great game, like the previous games, but something feels really different with the controls.

Could buttons serve multiple functions in CW2?

I keep selecting and moving units by accident, or accidentally selecting a tower then all other controls are locked until I click the cancel.

It would be better if the "zoom" moved forwards on the current pitch/yaw/roll of the viewport rather than varying the Z axis of the viewport.

Really enjoying the demo and potential of the game though!


I would like to support this suggestion.
I think it would feel more natural to have a camera movement mode, where the camera moves based on the point it is currently looking at:

  • Rotating the camera rotates around the point you are currently looking at (the location on the terrain that is currently at the center of the frame stays there)
    This would imply, that rotation is not only possible in the plane that holds the terrain but also upwards/downwards
  • Zooming moves the camera closer to or further away from said point, instead of just raising or lowering the camera
  • Maybe switching between this and the current mode of moving the camera could even be done with a hotkey so that looking at an arbitrary point in the scene is still possible

My reason for this alternate mode of moving the camera is, that players will usually want to look at the terrain and when you rotate the camera it usually means, something is obscuring your view, or things are aligned in a bad way. In that case, you will want to look at the same location on the map just from a different angle. With the current mode of moving the camera you need to move the camera twice: first rotate to the direction you want to look into and then re-center the camera on the spot on the map that you are interested in. In the other mode of movement, this would turn into one step! Additionally, if you rotate and re-center and find that you are not at the right angle yet, you have to repeat both steps. With rotation around the looked at point, you can adjust the direction fluently, looking at the scene from different angles in one continuous motion.

I will not forget to mention that I am very excited for this game! Awesome work, getting a game like this done all alone knucklecracker! The demo has me really hyped for the release of CW4 :)