Custom Map #1395: Blue Vs Red 3. By: FOXX

Started by AutoPost, June 09, 2019, 01:24:00 PM

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Quote from: jelus on December 16, 2020, 12:35:17 PM
Very hard map.
Even before starting to play, I check forum because of low rate.
Haha, yes it is because it very hard.

Played twice and got shot down easily by the MK7.
Very hard AI.
I was wondering if the ships will continuously become harder.
I saw the images to build struct. I learn something again.
Sorry for the late reply Jelus,
this message has somehow slipped my attention last year.
In this map harder enemy ships will come to you after time.
So a map for quick action.
I also have a feeling without using the EditStruc this map may be near impossible to finish.
QuoteBTW, what's the purpose of Collect feature of the emitters ?
I don't know. Not used that personally.

QuoteThanks for your work and sharing.

OK : after a few hours, even following your screenshots, I'm not fast enough and finish to be shotdown (all ships down) by the MK7.
Very hard. Got to give up before I lose my sanity  :P
Welcome and hope you got the map by now.
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Quote from: Johnny Haywire on January 13, 2021, 05:08:53 PM
Several have asked about the "collect" and "on/off" settings on the emitters. I play the stand-alone game (not on Steam) and have never gotten them to function so I'm not sure if that helps.

FOXX... I'm not sure if I hate or love this map. I absolutely love a challenging map that does not require much rushing, and I managed to turtle this map but it took a lot of rebuilding.

At this point, there's no sense in "spoilers" so here's my "easy" approach to the map:
1) The Rock Burner function helps to section off part of the island (I went for left first). You can even just make a single block for one collector to gain a foothold. This made taking an island a lot less stressful for me.
2) Once you have the two tanks built, they can supply energy to your fleet while you use your HQ to suicide-bomb whatever big ship is coming your way. The biggest ships take well over a minute to rebuild & attack again. I was happy to see that some ships didn't rebuild at all.
3) The sides of the top are much easier to take than the middle. Land a few omnis and then take out those pesky ship bases.

A lot of the time, I was just using ships as shields, suiciding them just to take one or two emitters, doppels, etc. That took a lot of rebuilding time, which means afk time since there's no reason to sit and watch stuff just rebuild. I would've preferred a couple strong shielding ships but that would've made the game a lot easier.

Overall, I think it's a really well-designed map. My PF skills aren't up to my CW3 ability so if I can finish this map I'd imagine most others could as well. Just takes some patience.  :o

Thanks for the mission!  ;D
Hi Johnny,
Yeah, i may have gone a bit far with the challenge on this map. I had to pause a lot myself to get this one.
I didn't use RockBurner but that is a good idea for this map.
And i have forgotten to add Shield-Hammer type ships more then once   ::)
Nice you finished the map.
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Well, it has been a couple weeks shy of three year's, but I finally came back t this map.  Beat it too, such a ball buster.  Thanks for all the maps  :)