No .exe file in CW2Editor download on 4/1/18

Started by CenturionsofRome, April 01, 2018, 06:02:18 PM

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File extensions don't mean anything in a vacuum. They just tell your OS what sort of data is inside the file and what program to open it with.

Changing the extension to .air should make it open with the AIR installer rather than your unzip utility of choice.

Edit: I made a mistake. It seems the CW2 download is an exe, but this is just the cw2.air packaged with the AIR installer. So unless you have AIR installed independently (and why would anyone in 2018?) it will just look like a renamed zip to your computer.
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Well, the initial assumption was that you needed AIR to install CW2 itself.

Now with the anniversary edition, that might not be correct anymore. Virgil is out of pocket for most of this week, so this will have to wait until he is available to resolve any remaining issues or questions.


The map editor was created at a time when Adobe AIR was only available as a separate installation framework.  That's why it is an 'air' file and required Adobe AIR be installed first.  In a few weeks I'll take a stab at converting it to an executable with a captive air runtime. 

In the mean time, the steps to get it to work are this:
1: Download and install adobe AIR.  You can get it from here:
2: Download the map editor .air file.
3: Double click to install the editor.  If it opens as a 'folder', then right click the downloaded .air file and select to open it with the Adobe Air Installer (which should be on your machine after step 1).

If you don't want to do all of that, then check back in a few weeks from now and if I find the time I will have the editors converted to standalone executables.