Custom Map #1013: CM Map 05. By: FOXX

Started by AutoPost, December 29, 2017, 12:48:41 PM

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This topic is for discussion of map #1013: CM Map 05

Author: FOXX
Size: 280x320

Custom Module Map 05 -> The Nuker Weapon See Forum for Info


In Map 5 we have the Nuker Module [Original by PlanetFall - Modified by JoaoPistori - Targeting Fix by Kajacx]
The Module Doesn't Turn so it doesn't Fire in a circle. It Fires at Targets in a +/- 24 Degree Angle in Range.

Nuker Weapon Stats

Range         = 60   Amped = 67
Energy use    = 20   Amped = 15
Cooldown      = 400   Amped = 260
BuildCost   = 50

Different Emitters
There are 2 Types of Different Emitters in this Series.

1 - A Slightly Bigger than Normal Red One -> This is the Proximity Emitter.
These will start working when you move into their Range.

2 - A Slightly Bigger than Normal Blue one -> This is the FlipLock Emitter.
These Emitters shoot Red and Blue Particles in a Timed Interval and they can be "Locked"
meaning when you move into Range the Emitter wil only Shoot that Colour. [A Lock will appear on the Emitter]
When firing Red Particles these can be Destroyed.

Emitter Scripts made by Stickman & FOXX
For My Maps and Ships!