Custom Map #1003: Arrival. By: Exodus Legate

Started by AutoPost, December 22, 2017, 07:03:55 PM

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Author: Exodus Legate
Size: 256x144

Instead of destuction after sending the data cache, Ticon and the crew find themselves thrown through a wormhole. What awaits them there? Inspired, as usual, by AI War. Credit to Stickman for the Ticon defence range script.

Exodus Legate

So, I've been doing a few new missions for a little while, with the general aim of connecting my existing ones into a sort of semi-coherent campaign.
I'm still not quite done, but here are the first ones, anyway.
In chronological order, we have:
Arrival (This one, follows on from the end of the vanilla campaign.)
Story Interlude 1
Under Siege
Story Interlude 2
The Great Clock (Previously Published)
City on a Hill
Stolen Fire (Previously Published)
The Langstrom AI (Previously Published. I've sortof been thinking of re-making it now that (In my own opinion, anyway) I'm a bit better at this, but no promises.)