Achievement popup in offline mode. Not that important, but annoying .. bug? :P

Started by TheWife, September 18, 2016, 09:21:27 AM

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So, I have been making maps in offline mode. It was all good until we touched the story missions.
Now, during offline mode, I have an achievement popup appearing every few seconds on my screen, telling me how far into "CEO" I am.
I would ignore it, but 1. when hubby's playtesting a map, he can't put an amp gem in the ship and 2. it'd be unprofessional of me to do so anyways. ;P


Offline shouldn't have anything to do with that achievement popup.  That's an in-game achievement and isn't supposed to show unless the mission is completed.  If you have a map you are editing that reproduces this, send it to me.  If you can make the achievement stop appearing by doing something, let me know that as well.  If you don't want to post the map here you can mail it to


Edit: I just read the changelog and saw, that it's fixed for the next version. If that's the case, please disregard the post.

It popped up again.
Full story here:
I'm always playing in online mode on my PC, doing story and stuff.
Wife usually sticks to offline mode (my account), so she can fool around her map editor stuff.
1. I did a story mission yesterday, got both in-game and steam achievement for that.
2. My steam cloud saved
3. Wife turned steam online today - my cloud most likely got pulled from steam to her PC
4. She went offline
5. She started the game
6. Achievement notification started popping on and off.

Her logs attached, I still have couple missions to go, so I can try to reproduce if needed ;)
PS: after restarting the game (steam still offline), achievement stopped blinking.


Yep... I'll get a new build out later today.  I've been off making the story missions, but I'll get that build out with this fix by tonight.