Particle Fleet PC requirments

Started by apocalipsus, August 25, 2016, 08:27:15 AM

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Hi there.

Was looking around on the Steam page for the game, and got a little surprises by the requirements.
Are those requirements correct?
Just looking at the hard drive space? Recommended 4gb? CW3 is only ~300mb on my system.

Is the game really that big? How does it compares to CW3 in terms of fluidity?
Just wondering cause i have a crappy laptop, and CW3 runs ok here.


The minimum is only 1gb where it was 500mb for CW3. The extra space recommended is most likely only for save games and downloaded custom maps.
The processor requirements are only doubled in number of cores (which shouldn't be a problem), but not doubled in processing power per core. Any dual-core laptop should be able to run it (at least the smaller maps) according to the specs on the steam store page.


The install takes around 950mb currently.  This will grow a tad before release and end up being right around 1gb.
And yes J is correct...  people that play a lot of CW3 end up with a lot of downloaded maps and save games that can add up.  So the recommended specs try to accommodate that for PF.


All in all fairly low requirements. Good job virgil


This fanboy is happy he'll be able to run it on all computers he owns.
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Hey there.
Yes I'm really glad to hear that. I'm reliaved the game will run on my laptop.
Thanks everyone for the help.