Custom Map #10: One Shot One Kill. By: planetfall

Started by AutoPost, July 09, 2016, 04:39:34 PM

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This topic is for discussion of map #10: One Shot One Kill

Author: planetfall
Size: 256x144

Don't put all your health in one particle...


That was a challenge for sure.  Liked those snipers...


I'm not sure what those snipers and cannons did different than cruiser/destroyer would do, but I liked progressing through this map.


The Decoupler removes bonds. It doesn't seem to be all that useful. The sniper is an instant kill on a particle. Good for extremely tough particles, or CRPL-assisted ones.
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The final emitter's particles have 10 health rather than the normal maximum of 3. Let's say that you would have noticed if you hadn't used the snipers :)

I've found the decoupler (using the updated script in Mutually Assured) is highly effective against doppels. The doppel does re-create the bonds, but it creates an opportunity to hit the core without destroying all the armor first.
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I hadn't realised that it could deal with anything but your specialist Core. Much more useful, then.
A narrative is a lightly-marked path to another reality.