Custom Map #8: Reactors. By: Tooter

Started by AutoPost, June 30, 2016, 08:33:16 PM

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This topic is for discussion of map #8: Reactors

Author: Tooter
Size: 256x144

This is a fun easy map. You get only one energy source, but it is very worn out. You must resort to special ships that produce energy! There is an amp gem at the start, but it's only useful for increasing movement/build speed, emitter control, or mounting on a ship. By TooterBug (Steam Username)


I noted that the enemy HQ will collect ship pickups for you :)
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Couldn't figure out how to get started.
By luck or whatever, I managed to bring a reactor online eventually and slowly built up.

Interesting concept otherwise.


Interesting concept, for sure. I guess I would more enjoy it if I didnt have to wait that long for first ship. Maybe you could start with 1 reactor, or have very strong energy source with small radius.

Also, setting goal to killing every single particle confused me a bit - I had to chase some lone particle in the corner.


I must have been placing the first ship badly, because I ended up being forced to rush a few Emitters with the CHQ. The particle cloud broke the incomplete ship on the first three attempts.

Interestingly, this map illustrated that a completed bridge is invincible until it has spawned the first hull section. On the third attempt, the hull was not constructed until later, and particles circulated freely under the bridge.
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I was about to just remove it as it was unbeatable.  Then I realized you wanted us to use the HQ to run around and do the entire mission.  The only thing I used the other ships for eventually was to kill the Doppel.

Strange map.  I'll give it some props for the idea, but maybe a little better explanation would help people actually try to beat it.


The idea of reactor ships doing your building is fun... But the implementation is very poor. You don't actually get to use the reactor ships until you have pretty much won the level.


the reactor ships seem to be late game, but you have to painfully sacrifice the hq to lathe all emitters and stuff once they emitted their particles and sent them to take out your starting position. You can get a lot of amp gems, total 8 of them. You can begin by taking out the stunner and ship maker as those things are annoying when trying to take out the emitters.