The positronic brain achievement was insanely hard to get.

Started by invaderhive, June 03, 2015, 08:01:40 PM

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That was possibly the most difficult achievement in the game. Completing Farbor early was a cakewalk compared to this achievement. That map fried my brain by the time I got the achievement. I would try explaining my strategy for doing it but the map is so complex, that it is impossible to do so. It looks like 90% of people used a bot or something that instantly put in the sequence of keys needed to complete the map just by looking at the top scores. Nobody does the map in 2.24 seconds. The rest of the achievements are just a grind now.


It's actually pretty easy, if you have enough practice or skill with tapping the right sequence incredibly quickly, and you know the right order by muscle memory or normal memory. And it's easy to figure out the code quickly if you know the rules in advance.


even if I change my keyboard, I still can't type this fast and this will be the only unobtainable achievement as I got all other ones except Dr. Jones and Nihilist stuff as I am going slow in those sectors.
If positronic brain was 2 min, maybe OK, but still for me positronic brain is IMPOSSIBLE.


My 28 second time is just pounding the keys manually.

I used to have a little plastic brain puzzle as a kid with clear plastic bits and eight levers that was basically this same puzzle, so the pattern was pretty much muscle memory for me. Without the advantage of having seen that pattern before, I can see where it might take some time and practice to get in the groove.
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Here's a huge hint... Write down the sequence with pen and paper! :P


Quote from: balancetraveller on February 13, 2017, 04:22:41 AM
Here's a huge hint... Write down the sequence with pen and paper! :P

Isn't that cheating?


Quote from: NevilleHoll on July 21, 2017, 04:01:35 PM
Isn't that cheating?
Not at all. You figure out the pattern on your own (or you look it up elsewhere, which WOULD be cheating), then take one turn to slowly do it again while writing down each number you press. Once you have that down, just smash away at the keyboard's number row or numpad, using the notes you created, and keep practicing that until you get it fast enough to beat the time required. The achievement has far more to do with how fast you can input the keys than how fast you can solve the actual puzzle. In that respect, it's kind of a lame achievement....but ah well, what can ya do.