List Of Impossible Map

Started by Someone, October 06, 2013, 12:38:25 PM

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This map might be impossible, S200-53, Langkao. The image you see is my second attempt, a futile strategy of taking out that spore tower quickly, but I get overwhelmed. This image is also around the 3 minute mark. imgur . com / k2GtHs0


Did it, but this is very tough, I started in the area where you did, but put the CN in a different spot.
My primary strategy was some waiting before trying to nullify the phantom and focus on getting reactors up,
Get reactors up before beginning to use the terp, then terp a wall so that you can mortar behind it and prevent creeper from coming to your base, then once you got some reactors, nullify the phantom and put a beam or mortar on the powerzone to take advantage of it. Then once you terp a wall and mortar the creeper away, be sure to own a few blasters just in case.
Then Terp your entire base around your reactors and all the way to the corner of the map. This will not be easy and you will have a lot of energy issues. Then once you get your base set up very well with lots of reactors and a nice spot for the forge, connect that totem, charge it, then begin slowly getting aether. spend aether on energy to at least 5, then other stuff at least 1 except anticreeper techs since ore is far into enemy territory. Will help reduce number of runners if you nullify the runners nest and help the snipers protect from runners when going out with terping until the map looks similar to my victory screen. Then fight for a nullifier spot and nullify the inhibitor. you can try to nullify that emitter there to help with inhibitor, but it is not necessary. Also I used a bertha to help, but I removed it.


S200-107 Razdon is very possible, I know nobody posted here anything for 5 years but I want to let everybody know that I have beaten is yesterday (on first try)