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Started by Someone, October 06, 2013, 12:38:25 PM

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Quote from: catpaw on October 20, 2013, 09:30:48 AM
S200_187 Abertoft

I vote for impossible.

I was hesitating to report it too, seems absolutly impossible


S200_189: Keomicanfur (The system is on the middle left of the map.)

One is flooded at the 1 minute mark, even with a PC.
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Sorry, I don't understand your notation,  but Alpha Sector, Redlemon, Bardel.
Resources are limited to 10 collectors, no reactor tech, with a massive wave of D-growth driven creeper right off the start and no build space. I can't survive 30 seconds X-(
There are several 2-3 minute scores ranked though...

Use Terps

Bardel is tough but not impossible.  Pretty sure the 2-3 minute times are cheats though.

Start here, not in the upper left, so you don't have digitalis running into your base.  Place all your collectors as soon as you can, and move them as you free up more space so that you are gathering from maximum energy.  The spore tower on the left actually fires anticreeper spores, so make sure to disarm your beam tower when it's due to fire, then turn it back on to block the upper single spores from the upper two towers.  If you hustle you can kill the nearest creeper emitter using three blasters and a mortar.  Once you've done that, build a Terp and raise your new power zone to level 6. 

That'll keep the creeper coming from the left off of it, then set a blaster and your mortar to Digitalis Only, and place them so they keep the digitalis off the power zone.  Build a nullifier on the power zone and it will kill the emitter at the tip of your spire.  Now you can keep the digitalis off you from the right using a couple blasters, and move your beam to your new power zone to save you a ton of energy on ammo for it.  Make sure to keep turning it off so it doesn't shoot down the anticreeper spores coming from the left.

Now all you have to do is crawl left, keep using your terp to raise the terrain to level 6, then wipe the leftmost emitter, killing the digitalis on the left.  Raise the terrain around the power zones to 6 and move one of your collector onto them, allowing it to pull from a huge area and getting you a lot more energy.  Use your terp to flatten the terrain on the tiny spore tower islands in the north to allow you to put a relay and nullifier on them, killing them for good.  Now you can delete your beam because the only spores left on the map are anticreeper spores.  Clear the last north island, claim the totems, and just sit back and let the upgrades roll in.  Use your souped-up blasters and mortars to wipe the right hand map and you're done!


s 200 -74 Furham

The creeper quickly floods everything but the platform; and there isn't room for enough power and weapons to avoid that being flooded as well (2 mortars was not enough to keep the creeper down) - and that's without the heavy waves of spores I never survived long enough to see. Tried a terp; but there isn't time to expand the platform or build a wall. (screenshot is of my last attempt where I tried for a wall.)
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Quote from: Use Terps on October 22, 2013, 02:04:31 PM

Bardel is tough but not impossible.  Pretty sure the 2-3 minute times are cheats though.

This map drove me nuts and took the best part of a week to crack.

There's something not obvious though that you may have missed - try sniping one of the runners on that top island.

This may change the way you play!

Yeah - pretty sure those way low times are not genuine (though I'll retract and apologize if I'm wrong).
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S 200-107 Razdon

Another tiny map. Not quite as short on immediate building space; but most of it is lowland and I eventually get overrun.

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Wow. Really great walkthrough. Thank you!
It's really great to see other people's tactics. It gives you new perspective and keeps the game interesting. I only use relays to speed things up after collectors have build the grid and I have extra energy. Plus your use of Strafers on the Power Zones is something that I haven't really bothered with (I usually put reactors on spare PZs because I figure the extra energy is most useful, and at least I could build a fleet of strafers with it just the same. I wonder what the efficiency/damage is for the two tactics... Well, either that or Berthas. They love PZs).
Also, I like the colors and the effective use of terps. Thanks again!


S200_155: Landen
S200_13: Copdenulus
S200_162: Shepiso (with Inhibitor)
S200_162: Molzacdai

Landen is just insane. Without the (relatively weak) emitter in the bottom right, it might be possible to use a terp to retreat behind the ridge, but even that'd require considerable skill, I think.
Copdenulus: No time to build up before the combination of a creeper surge and digitalis base assault destroy you.
Shepiso: None of the three possible landing places provides any chance of survival.
Molzacdai: Too much, too fast. Using the freeze AoO didn't help out.
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I just beat Bardel yesterday.  Game time was 4 hours, 4 minutes (I'm the determined type, but no it was not all in one sitting).

I wasn't nearly as clever as Use Terps, as I didn't manage to get to the first emitter in time to defeat it.  Although ironically my strategy was far more Terp-heavy than yours (sorry I don't have screencaps with me).  I started on the middle spire, placed a few collectors and built a wall guarded by a single mortar.  Then I spanned to the spire to the right with relays and did the same.  I'd now consumed two of my three allowed mortars, but was free to use my energy to get to the spire to the left with the AC emitter on it, which was flooded by this point.  I built a third wall with the third mortar guarding it.  At this point I had enough real estate to get 4.6 energy from the collectors.  I then went after the left-most emitter, drained the creeper lake to the northwest and took the northern island.

I recommend what you said about turning off your beam towers whenever the AC spores were launched.  It got to be incredibly frustrating turning them on and off once per minute for the first few hours it took me to finally take out the spore launchers (save often - forgetting to turn them back on just one time will ruin your day).  But worth it, because I took that strategy a step further.  I built a handful of Sprayers and set them to collection mode.  After a while I'd built up a small army of fully loaded Sprayers even though there isn't a single mine on this level.  That came in handy because by the time I went on the offensive, the creeper was really deep.  I built a level 10 platform for each nullifier, and as you mentioned, recycling PZ's for super-nullifiers helped gain momentum, as did placing the precious few collectors on them.  I wish I would have thought to put my beam on one.  I was mostly using them for mortars.  Through most of the game my energy was running a deficit of 6-8, which was alright because mortars don't need to be firing at their full rate to hold a wall anyways.  However to make my offensive push I needed to SLOWLY build up an arsenal of guppies to keep the blasters firing long enough for the nullifier to finish.

Cavemaniac, what happens when you snipe a runner on the northern island?  Did I miss something?


I recently tried another strategy in Jovencoting. Got to two minutes before the creeper overran my location.
Again i landed on the landing pad and built about three collectors straight away. I at some point began making one mortar, and then another after hte collectors. i was able to stall for two minutes using those two mortars. I estimate if i could get three and have enough energy to fuel them at a stable rate, i could most likely hold for possibly 5, but the creeper just arrives too fast for me xD
Haven't tried any others though, might try them instead.

Just saying ^_^
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S200-107 Razdon is not impossible. Actually it has already been completed by 5 players. I added it to the other topic.


I can imagine that "S200_74 (4,6): Furham" is also possible. I can survive for 8 minutes until the second spore wave (7 spores), see screenshot (I lost all my reactors 5 seconds after this screenshot :) )


Quote from: arandomhalo on October 30, 2013, 02:52:22 PM

Cavemaniac, what happens when you snipe a runner on the northern island?  Did I miss something?

Something VERY VERY SPECIAL happens!

Try it yourself,  or check this out:



(let me know if these links don't work - they link to pix posted in the Beta part of this Forum and you may not have access - I can upload the pix direct here if you're interested)

Apparently I did it the hard way, but this is the only time I have ever beaten this map.

It wasn't the way redlemon expeccted people to play it!

You will note in my Alpha sector I have a version of Bardel which allows a far more conventional approach - the unit limits have been eased so you can simply have a good battle.

I called it The Bardel Convention.

Map modified with redlemon's blessing.

I also made a tribute to Bardel and called it The Bardel Redemption.

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Please upload your images here. I can't see them.