SteamVR Performance Test

Started by knucracker, February 24, 2016, 03:11:17 PM

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Nice.  At last something to make us all feel bad about our machines again.  Should do wonders for hardware sales, even though 99% of people won't be dropping those high early adopter prices on the first gen VR neck breakers headsets.

Anyway, attached are my results.  What are yours?


Mine are even more sad than yours.




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Well, I'm happy with mine... the Vive doesn't look half bad right about now :P

I have an OC on the 4770, up to 4.2 Ghz. I can go higher, but like to keep it quiet.

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Quote from: Michionlion on February 24, 2016, 07:06:50 PM
Well, I'm happy with mine...

That was a nice data point to look up the relative capabilities of a card in each of the 3 zones.

Here are benchmark data for those cards (your's, Virgil's and mine) . Cut and paste the URL, don't click, since the forum can't handle all the square brackets.[]=325&cmp[]=2531&cmp[]=3218


I can't get it to run on the correct graphics card. OS and CPU are green, but my weak integrated graphics card is still red, resulting in a flat blue line at 0. Edit: it may have run on the correct card, only showing the wrong one. I'm not ready for VR with this thing.

(sorry for not posting a screenshot, tool already removed)
I got 7117 frames, of which 7% above 90fps, avg. fidelity 0, not ready for VR.


I'm VR Capable (barely) with an AMD Radeon R9 200 Series graphics card.  Unlikely to upgrade any time soon and definitely unlikely to get first gen VR.
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I get the same results as Karsten. Same OS, same CPU, slightly older AMD 6900 video card.

It plays everything out there just fine. I'm not ready for a $400 video card to be able to use a $900 piece of what is basically novelty gear at this point.

When the required video cards drop under $200 and the VR gear drops to about $200, I think we'll see a larger user base. Until then, I hope VR doesn't die because developers don't want to blow money making games that not enough people have the gear to play.
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I'm surprised my CPU did cause any issues with this test. I know that GeForce Experience tells me I need a newer CPU.