can we also talk about software in this area?

Started by hbarudi, October 21, 2015, 05:42:15 AM

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Ok, this is about unity, just as knuckle cracker has developed CW3 and now developing Particle Fleet,
I also would like to develop a game, but I can't figure out how to set up the development environment of unity to work better for me.

How to make a main menu for a game with the following:

-Story mode
-other side quests
-settings including slider for music and effects volume
-map editor
-exit game


I'd watch some of their video tutorials.  They can be informative...
For what you mention, take a look at the new UI.


watched some video tutorials, but they still leave some questions unanswered:

Do I make the whole game in one scene, or do I have to make different parts in different scenes?


Either...  It all depends on what is most convenient and how the game is designed.

A scene is just a collection of game objects.  When you change scenes it destroys all of the game objects in the current scene and creates new game objects from the new scene.  It can be useful for things like separating the main menu from the "game" etc.

For just starting out, make a single scene and play around with that.