CW2 demo requires a key?

Started by Tigershawk, November 17, 2016, 03:55:27 PM

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Just downloaded the Creeper World 2 Anniversary Demo, to see if I'd like to buy it on Steam, and its asking me for an activation key.  I can't see a way around it.


I've alerted Virgil and he'll have  a look and get back to you soon.


Update: Yep, problem confirmed. Thanks for finding and reporting it. Virgil is working to re-do the demo versions to NOT ask for a key. :)

Keep an eye on your Private Messages in an hour or so. :)


Demo versions for CW1/2 Windows/Mac have now been updated to not ask for a key.


Nice and quick response!  Thanks a bunch. I like the different perspective that 2 brings.