Custom Map #3808: map 133 DIGITAL PUZZLE. By: yum234

Started by AutoPost, July 26, 2016, 04:55:18 AM

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This topic is for discussion of map #3808: map 133 DIGITAL PUZZLE

Author: yum234
Size: 128x84


Alter Old

As usual, forgive for my English.


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Loren Pechtel

Apparently there's some quick solution but I sure don't see it.


I think I have played this at least 20 times, and I get the sense that I'll be playing at least 20 more times before I feel satisfied with my score! Another rare 10/10 from you!


Blimey.  Awesome looking map, but I just can't get any kind of base established.  Can I get a hint?!?!  Thanks.


I put forge in the middle (powered by guppies) and used top right spot (on and off, whenever it got killed) for a guppy base. 2 other bases were powering up totems. With enough packet speed, guppies can power up nullifiers in the middle. There are also AC runners on the right side spawn.


In this map timing is absolutely critical. Every frame counts.

I landed three CNs in a straight row on the lower levels. Connected them with collectors and then hit the nearest emitter and the right-side runner nest. Then hit the lower left emitter, then the left nest, finally the top nest. Then the top-left emitter (but set to disarm) and finally I moved the left CN to the top right to work on that emitter. Built one sniper out of range of the central area to deal with the few runners zipping around. Then nullified the central emitter. Once those were done, I nullified the 5 central nests (nullifier placement is critical) and as soon as they were done, I armed the top left nullifer for the win.


I have also had a good few runs at this and like stdout says, every second counts! I took a different approach


1 CN left, 1 left of the 4 middle spots and 1 top right.
Left CN - one collector and a nulifier to take out the left spore nest. Immediatly two relays and a nullifier to take out the north runner nest.
Right CN - 2 collectors and nullifier to take out right nest.
Middle - built one cannon and sent to assist far right and then one cannon to stay and help take out emitter to the left of centre.
Everything else easy but for some reason I spent ages taking the bottom left emitter!

Using this approach all nests were destroyed without a single runner being created.

10/10 from me too, your last few maps have been top class Yum, you just get better and better!  :D


Quote from: D0m0nik on July 27, 2016, 12:10:08 PM
... just get better and better!  :D

Thank You! :-[

P.S. And haters became more evil and evil!  :(

1560 maps in CW2, CW3 and PFE till now


that was a really fun map. thx 4 making... few years ago ;-)
aka: AlexX

Martin Gronsdal

most of Yum's maps are yumainzingly good!