CW3: Bertha autotargeting problem

Started by Loren Pechtel, July 27, 2023, 02:30:19 PM

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Loren Pechtel

It's probably way too old to get fixed but I just played a map that really showed up a problem with the targeting algorithm.

They were clearly targeting the points (I had 15 PZ berthas) with the most creeper--but this is decidedly suboptimal as many shots were going onto fingers of land.  While the ideal algorithm would be to fire upon the spot that will kill the most creeper that is probably compute-prohibitive, but I see a way to improve the targeting that I think might work:

Use the current approach to select targets, but then consider nearby spots (say, the middle of each cell) and decide if firing there would kill more creeper than the selected target.  Iterate until you are at a local optimum.


Quote from: Loren Pechtel on July 27, 2023, 02:30:19 PMThey were clearly targeting the points with the most creeper.

Hi, personally thinking that autotargetting isn't even supposed to be too advanced. :)

Since with PZ berthas, doing it manually would be still worth it.
I usually just find some good locations and let the berthas keep shooting on them with autotargetting off.