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Started by andrewvr, December 09, 2020, 06:44:58 AM

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Twice now I have found that when I reopen Creeper 4, it has 'forgotten' my recent worlds.  Oddly, it seems not to be everything I covered in that last session either.

I don't see a save button or similar, but it is annoying to have to keep replaying the same game.  Anyone have a suggestion?

I am playing on Windows 10 with Steam, on the Farsite Expedition.


Sounds like a problem with the Steam cloudsave, I'd try to disable this for CW4
But this only a workaround, there's still the danger that all is wiped if you enable it again.
The progress is stored in /User/Documents/My Games/creeperworld4/Data/mcs.dat - so make sure you keep this file!
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It is either, as has been noted, an issue with cloud save, or an issue with the game writing to your hard drive.

The latter is usually caused by anti-virus software blocking writes from applications it doesn't know. In this case you have to manually whitelist the game in your Antivirus settings file.

Another issue may be Windows permissions, for instance, if the game is running and trying to write to files owned by another user on the same computer.


I lost all progress i have made. The auto saves are in the  farsite folder, and i can load them from there.  But it sucks to have to do all these missions again and not progress


Quote from: betadata on December 23, 2020, 01:22:50 PM
I lost all progress i have made. The auto saves are in the  farsite folder, and i can load them from there.  But it sucks to have to do all these missions again and not progress

It has to be something specific to your computer and setup.

There are 3 things you can check.

1. If you have some 3rd party anti-malware or anti-virus, such as, for instance, Bitdefender, or Avira, they may block writes to your hard drive from "unknown" applications that have not been explicitly whitelisted.

2.  The user that you are identified to Windows may not have rights to write to the folder(s) on your harddrive.

3. Steam Cloud sync is restoring a file but not backing it up at the end of the session.


all worked fine for the first 8 missions and is saving progress from "now we know" . i can load auto saves from the previous missions so it is writing to my drive. If steam cloud is the issue  that will just keep happening.when ever their storage decides to mess us up


You can bypass missions by pressing "U" on the main mission panel.


OK, this just happened to me,. Steam updated itself, crashed my PC, and now when i open CW4 it's as if I have never played.
All my save games are in tact,. but it won't let me play colonies or anything, just wants me to start the Farsight from scratch. Windows sizes, audio settings, graphics settings, all gone. The game thinks I've never played or set it up before.

I looked in the folder listed in post 2 above, and the achievements, and mcs.dat is still there. How do I load this to make CW4 believe I have ever played before?

thanks in advance.


P.S. All my achievements and hundreds of hours of play time are also still logged on Steam. So I've got two places with the data potentially saved, how do I get my running game to look at any of the above instead of operating in a void?


P.P.S. never mind. I loaded the last save in farsight, and after playing for a second dropped out and all my progress was back.