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- Overview -
Deceptively simple... amazingly deep.
Creeper World 2 thrusts you into the 14th millennium fighting and enemy that flows and
oozes through the terrain. Employ advanced weapons,gravity manipulating repulsors,
wormhole like rifts, and your own wit against this never yielding enemy. Excavate terrain,
unearth techs, crystals, remnants and other artifacts. Face a new mechanical enemy
that employs gravity manipulation against you. Join the fight to save humanity now!
Mac & Windows
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- Features -
  • 20 Story Missions
  • 10 Bonus Missions
  • Billions of Code missions
  • Terrain Excavation
  • Fluid Enemy
  • Multiple Game Types
  • Gravity and Other Forces
  • Custom Maps and Free Editor
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- Fan Accolades -
"Wow... Just wow."
"Addictive beyond description."
"...strategy that makes the brain grow."
"This game is over 9000!"
"Over 9000 hours of playability/playtime/maps."
"And I thought the first creeper world was awesome!"
"...will provide untold hours of fun."
"...uncountable strategies for innumerable challenges."
"...will have you thinking on your feet..."
"CW2 is the epitome of ooze eradication simulators."
"CW2 might be THE indie game of the year!"
"The best game I have ever played."
"A truly fantastic sequel in every way."
"Great, great, great...."
"The absolute coolest blend of RTS elements."
"Pure awesome."
"A worthy successor to the original."
"Must Play."
"What! We have two enemies now!?!"
"The game offers endless possible maps..."
"I just love the Anti-Creeper!"
"Not just only playing but modding!"
"As if one enemy was not hard enough."
"Time to save all of humanity, again."
"Now we will annihilate the Creeper!"
"Another stunning addition to KnuckleCracker's library."
"That looks awesome! It seems to be 10 games rolled into one!"
"Creeper World 2 is a prime example on how a strategy game should be."
"My 10 year old, my wife and even my cat is playing Creeper World 2!"
"CW2 masterfully adds a whole new dimension of gameplay to the CW games, literally."
"The best strategy, the coolest graphics, the most awesome developer, and the best storyline."
"My girl friend told me to choose between her and playing Creeper World. I told her I'd miss her, maybe."
"The drone's don't bite, don't worry. The game will suck you in however!"
"It was hard enough to beat back the creeper the first time, now there's a whole lot more of it."
"...tunneling to fighting in weightless space to more traditional tower defense options."
"The old enemy - and a thousand new tactics to beat it again."
"This time you get to obliterate the creeper before leaving each planet!"
"It was fun the first time, the trick was that it kept pulling me back in."
"Good Creeper. Bad Creeper. Good Creeper. Bad Creeper. ANNIHILATION!"
"One of those games you find yourself being sucked into."
"Story, gameplay, features...everything that was great in Creeper World is better in CW2."
"Hours and hours of quality story and gameplay. Best value out there."
"Creeper World was so fun...I couldn't wait when I heard CW2 was coming out soon."
"I've been playing CW daily for more than a year and I'm still not done with it."
"More units, more upgrades, more strategies, more fun."
"Creeper World: my work is never done"
"Not only can I finally kill the creeper, I can control it too."
"I’ve done the campaign. WOW! I mean… WOW! It’s amazing."
"The last couple of missions completely blew me away!"
"High-quality… and loads of fun to play!"

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