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I think we should set out some guidelines so there is a common look and feel to all all pages created in the wiki. Also some guidelines on the use of color, etc.

Still pondering what would make sense, or if we should retro-actively implement guidelines?

Please note that we have decided to do away with the discussion section on wiki pages. To that extent, as and when you edit a wiki page, please remove the discussion tag at the top of the page: remove_discussion.jpg


Typos, grammar and other obvious mistakes are fair game. Adding links are helpful. Adding content is much appreciated.

However, each person feels a sense of ownership of pages they created. So, in the interests of harmony and courtesy, before making structural changes to pages that appear completed, please open a discussion and give the original author some time to review your proposals before you alter the look/layout of a completed page.


Whenever possible, please upload images that are in the .jpg (jpeg) format, since these are more space-efficient than .png files. Images should also be sized appropriately, so that they do not have to be re-sized via controls on the image display tags.


We need to figure out exactly how to add back-links to pages that are relevant, like the one at the top of the page.

Hints and Tips

Here is a start:

  • Please make a notation of what changes you apply to a page. There is a short descriptive box on the edit panel, as well as a check box to indicate whether the change is minor or major.

  • Unlike HTML, blank lines do affect formatting. Make sure you intend for there to be white space if you insert a blank line.
  • Please restrict use of color to a moderate amount. Judicious use of color aids understanding. Too much color leads to confusion and disharmonious pages.
    • Look here for a chart of all colors. I'd like us to decide on a few of these to use in general.
  • If you feel that sections of the current wiki is in the wrong place, or unnecessary, please don't delete them before having a discussion of your actions. It may also help to tag the section with FIXME (FIXME) or DELETEME (DELETEME) tags

Here is a list of to-do items:

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