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on: December 21, 2011, 02:08:02 pm

I've been playing CW2 since the week it was released, and there's this tiny little thing that's always niggled at me.

It's the way that, when you move a unit, it 'flies over' any stationary units.

Unfortunately, that means that you can't see, let alone select the unit underneath.

This is a problem if you're moving a lot of units forward 'leapfrog' style, particularly through a narrow opening.

I've not brought it up before because from every point of view imaginable, having the moving unit on 'top' looks right and feels right - except for the gameplay/control aspect...

Would it be possible/easy/desirable to have a key that works a bit like the 'R' (reveal) key to show static units, or reverse the order of the 'stack' of units (if there's more than two units)?

Or should I just harden up and learn to play better?!


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Reply #1 on: December 21, 2011, 02:11:15 pm
I like the idea but how about moving units go undwer allowing you to get the static unit? would that work?

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Reply #2 on: December 21, 2011, 02:16:36 pm
If there were a seperate key to use for something along these lines, I would say it should allow you to select units based on their destinations rather than by their current location (since units can't normally have a destination the same as any other unit), which could also solve some other issues. That said, using another key for these things can get messy, because there aren't many keys that aren't in use and make sense to use.

Having units flying under others is pretty messy because for one it looks bad, and for two more often than not when someone means to click there, they want to select the moving unit rather than the static unit (not always, but usually). It would be pretty annoying if a blaster was flying over a reactor, and the only way to change the blasters destination was to destroy the reactor and then select the blaster.


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Reply #3 on: December 21, 2011, 03:13:57 pm
I usually use the ctrl + # and shift + # combinations to get around this nuisance, but this doesn't always work ideally.