Creeper World 2: Academy Launching Tomorrow

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on: December 20, 2011, 11:38:01 am
Creeper World 2: Academy will be launching tomorrow.  You will be able to play it online at,, or

This is the first flash game based on the CW2 engine, so all patriots of the Creeper Nation are encouraged to help spread the word and give the game high rankings.  Your efforts make a huge difference... the previous launches would not have been the successes they were without your participation.

So, in CW2:A you will find 10 missions that tell a little bit about some events after the completion of CW2.  Nothing too heavy, but the last few missions are 'interesting'.  CW2:A is generally designed to help introduce the wider world to CW2.  As such, you will find that the missions start easy and add in concepts and challenges as they progress.

I'll post again tomorrow after the launch (which should come middle of the day tomorrow EST), so stay tuned!