CW2 Time! [Custom Map Series][Added a first map, please give feedback :)]

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This is a collection of maps I am creating based on historical events and influences.

I have put together a quick pilot map for people to play and give feedback. (on gameplay, I will add custom graphics for the finished map released on Tuesday)

On Tuesday I will release a finished version of my first map, integrating any feedback, and will upload a second map as a first week bonus

I will release easy versions of the maps if demand is high enough but I am by no means an expert so my regular maps should be do-able for everyone, hopefully a challenge to some but I can't make them harder for the experts or I won't be able to do them and can't upload without a score.

The first map is Pending and I will link to it when finished. It is a very simple map and takes only 10minutes to complete but may take a bit of trial and error to find the winning formula

The Story so far
The ships jump drive is damaged and we cannot control where we jump to, we also cannot stop it from jumping every week. In an infinite universe with 99% empty space, why do we always land in some Creeper trap? Are our lives just a game to some great beings we can't fathom? or are we just really really unlucky?
Either way the only thing to do is to fight off the Creeper and win our survival, at least till the next jump.
Oh yea, the ship jumps through time too...

Map 1 - Curse of the Pharaoh's Tomb
The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt used powerful magic to guard their tombs. One of these forms of protection was to flood the whole burial chamber with Creeper. You have just stumbled into such a chamber.
I wanted to create just a very very simple map using only Creeper and decay-able terrain. No fields, no nexus, no phantoms, no drones just nice simple man vs Creeper.
Although on playing the map a few times I have gotten very different results, from a new personal best to loosing.
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