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on: March 13, 2010, 02:14:51 pm
I made a new map, and i had this emitter in the corner that had an intensity of 100. but the interval was 90 seconds, so that way every once and a while a big burst of creeper was created. and i had two other emitters that had an intensity of 0.1 and 1. the intervals are 0.1 and 1. so those two were backing up the big one.

well, then i saved that map and i played with the map editor a bit, and tried to see if the spores would COME from the side Odin city was on, and end where the creeper was. so if the player failed to destroy the spores, the creeper would receive a few layers of of reinforcements. well, all it did was come from odin cities side and ended on Odin cities side... well, i was thinking if the next version could offer an option of "backup" or something like that, and then select were it lands. or, make the spore an item in the objects menu and place it. then choose what time it appears and and where it comes from and all that. the reason i can't just use emitters is because the player couldn't destroy it before the backup came.

                                                 so, what do ya think?

(oh, and the map in the picture (reinforcements) is now available for download)
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