Creeper World: Evermore Now Available!

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on: November 19, 2011, 10:59:49 am
Creeper World: Evermore has launched!  


Blog post about it is here:

As always, your generous votes and comments are always appreciated.  The early votes and comments matter a whole bunch, so you can make a difference.

Creeper World: Evermore is the third flash game installment in the CW1 universe.  In it, you are caught in the dreams of an insidious artificial intelligence.  Since this evil A.I. was created by creatures corrupted by the Creeper, it dreams mostly of worlds destroyed by the Creeper.  So powerful are it's dreams, you must defeat it daily... lest the dreams become reality and worlds fall into the oblivion ensured by a kilometer deep Creeper ocean.

CW:E uses a procedural missions generator to provide a fresh mission daily.  It also keeps the previous 6 missions handy so you can batch up your defense of the galaxy if you prefer.

I've also implemented a new stats system.  This is new for CW... if well received in this free flash game, I will consider adding it to the full desktop game.  There are a healthy collection of stats... everything from blaster shots fired, to Creeper killed, to peak structures count on a map.  The stats can all be submitted to (or are part of kongregate stats).  They are running totals, so chart toppers for some stats don't have to be fantastic players... just prolific players... something I can relate to!

Lastly, there is a new "survival mode" where all you have to do is last as long as you can.... just be sure to exit the world before it's too late.  Hold the line!

So lets rally one more time around this latest CW1 flash game.  Next month, CW2:Academy will be released to the portals and the Creeper Nation will move on to even greater heights.
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I see this is a featured game today on the Kongregate site. Interesting.

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