Custom Map #1075: Psychedelic Swirly

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on: May 05, 2012, 05:01:02 pm
This topic is for discussion of map #1075: Psychedelic Swirly

Author: Bongo

* Small simple, mostly easy map, with multiple paths to victory. * Extra space to use scroll unstead of the 'I' key. ** HINTS ** * After 5:00 the swirly field is off for 10 seconds and on for 20 seconds * If you are consistently low on energy move your Blasters back so thier range only extends 1 space into the 'open' * Launchers and Anti-Creeper can kill any core in less than 2:00.


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Reply #1 on: May 05, 2012, 08:29:47 pm
Average Time 26:00+ ?

I'm just curious why so long? If you just survive for 18:00 (+/- 2:00) the centre Creeper core will 'auto-flip' into 8 billion units of Anti-Creeper and then flood the map. I designed it that way for people to just win by surviving. (For those who don't know, any individual Creeper/Anti-Creeper subcell that goes above 2.15 Billion (2150 Millions) will become the opposite type of Creeper)

I'm open to any comments (positive or negative). I've been making content for games for over 8 years and have a thick skin. ;) Also I've noticed that there are different styles of players and maps and no one map will appeal to every player.


This is how I usually play the map. I'm sure there are much better and faster ways.

* Build Reactors + dig dirt one at a time against back wall (on both sides)
* Leave the dirt against Creeper intact until all back walls have Reactors.
* As soon as the first Decayable Terrain erodes in front of your Mothership use the collapse timing to dig/build a Shield wall (eventually) 2 units thick.
* Every time the outer Shield wall dies rebuild it during the the next Swirly contraction (no Blasters needed).
* As soon as you are not in Energy deficit click the first 2 Technytes.
* Upgrade 1 should be '20% Cheaper' + all 'Reactor Efficiency'
* Upgrade 2 should be all 'Weapon Range's
* 'Fire Rate', 'Packet Speed', and 'Energy Storage' will be most useful next.
* Build at least 1 Blaster in every 'tube' on both sides.
* Dig tubes towards center and use timing + Blasters to build 2 thick Shield walls against center.
* Repeat until you have 2 thick Shield walls against center, new Reactors, and Blasters set back so their range only extends 1 unit past Shield wall (or less). (This is where 'Energy Storage' comes in handy).

After that, there are too many different ways to proceed, I usually build Ore Rigs, + 4 Makers and flood behind the Shield walls, both for protection and for use later. (Sometimes I make the Shield wall 1 thick to get more Reactors) Then I use the collapse timing and a few Blasters to build protective Shields near Emitters 2 or 4 (or 6) at a time (need surplus Energy + fast Packets) so that I can Nullify them. (Upper left, lower right, left/right center). I generally enclose the central core with more Shields as I kill emitters. Sometime after 7:00 with only a few Emitters left and a double Shield wall around center I suicide most of the Blasters by putting them in the centre, and then build about 20 Launchers. Sometimes I put them in corners or top/bottom walls so they only fire when the core is expanding (but enclosed) until all Emitters are dead.


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Reply #2 on: May 05, 2012, 09:03:22 pm
i loved this map.
i'd give it a 9/10.
it's really well made and fun to play.
i've given it 2 goes and will def play it again.
nice one dude ;D

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