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on: June 18, 2011, 02:46:13 pm
In another thread we were discussing piracy. In a chat thread, based on the insipiration of Kamron3, and Notch, the creator of minecraft, I came up with one idea.

The high score threads are elitist. Only the best people's scores get shown. Hence, to help provide a benefit to people have bought the game, this could be done.

The high scores could be segregated into daily, weekly, monthly and all time high scores.
*made more visible and in game since I missed it. I'd hope this is done already, but it should be made impossible to submit high scores from a pirated game by connecting buy records to register records. The high scores should be made viewable in game, rather than having to open a thread, so it's very easy to look at them.

This would have three benefits.

1. It would provide community immersion for players, which would enhance enjoyment for unskilled players who would otherwise stand no chance of a high score.

2. It would provide extra pleasure for players, in that they could win and beat other players more. Even a crap player might sometimes be number 1 on a slow day.

3. It would help bring people into the cw community, making them have a stronger community spirit and be less likely to pirate.
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It already is
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Aren't you a pirate? :)


Also oops. I am glad the developer did do that.

Regardless, my other suggestion stands. I didn't actually know this, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. So it could be incorporated more into the game and made very visible. The winners could have more visible lauds. If a daily high score is constantly in the face of a pirate then they're much more likely to want to buy it.