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Jan 10th 2010 - thread creation
Last Update: Jan 10

Jan 10 2010

* Changing the Way the Packet delivery works
   It's annoying to carefully plan out the network in pause mode only to discover you wheren't patient enough and plastered
   half the map with construction again, effectively crippling everything.

         Allow players to select what actions are most urgent,
             Charge Weapons
               Player specifies which weapons have to stay charged at which rate, maybe with sliders?
               Player specifies which type of buildings he wants to have online first / more packets feed than other (sliders?)
                   Power (Collectors, Generators)
                   Infrastructure (Relay, Storage, Speed)
         It's almost impossible to successfully bring a network up that's planned out from the first collector to the last SAM already.
         Please allow to reduce the amount of parallel packet delivery to an input number, like 4 for four unbuild buildings closest to odin city.
         This would help especially if power is sparse as a generator online or four done for a quarter will make a huge difference at the end of the day.
         If buildings are at the same distance on the graph, and the priority mentioned above is equal for each type or they are the same type, one receiver is selected randomly.

* Rewind Feature
   Just putting this here for fun, but I'd think a rewind feature would be cool if one action trips over everything and odin is submerged in blue slime.
   I don't demand it, I just type what I think. I realize it's a silly idea and probably impossible idea.
   Is just another excuse for a quicksave function I believe :)

* Forums:
   I depend heavily on indented lists to format this thread. I am not happy with this one (I'm used to phpBB and WoltLab Burning,
   I know their premium versions are expensive, but I think they offer freeware versions as well)[/pre]

* Changing conditions
   For s 'n giggles, I'd be cool to see a nightfall, rain or other stuff during games.
   For night, it should be just a matter of an additional layer of black with a pre set alpha value that's calculating holes based upon explosions, traveling packets and creeper.
   I can imagine a view from atlantis' central tower down on a valley full of goo shimmering in an eerie blue...
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