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on: September 05, 2009, 06:49:25 pm
There are a couple things coming up soon for Creeper World....  The first of these is  "Creeper World:Training Sim".  It is a free web edition that takes place before the story line of Creeper World.  It is pretty cut and dry and designed to be an introduction to the game for masses of casual game players.  This prequel is now in beta.  Anyone who has the full version of the game and is interested in trying it out and offering feedback drop me a line with your real name and your forum name.  To contact me you can send email to: support at .  

I'll add you to the beta group and you will have access to the beta forum where you can provide feedback.  You will also get immediate access to the web version of the game which includes new missions.

Later this month I hope to have a map editor in beta.....  

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